can I change mobile no in Aadhar card online

can I change mobile no in Aadhar card online?

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change mobile number in Aadhar card online

First -> Open your Chrome browser or Any browser.

Then -> CLICK on search bar.

Write -> GOOGLE -> CLICK on Search button.

After open the -> Google then Enter -> Uidai then -> CLICK on search Button.

Click the -> 1st link Uidai


Uidai officieal site

After click on -> Uidai you can saw the -> New page like this.


Aadhar card official site

After open the home page then you can click the Book an Appointment under the Get Aadhaar section.

After CLICK -> the Book an Appointment option then you can enter the new page like this.

If you enter this particular page then you can saw the multiple options. whatever may be the query you can change as per your requirement.

In this section you can change Aadhar card address , Aadhar update ,gender update or much more thing.

But this article is based on change mobile no in Aadhar card online. so I am providing the full information regarding this particular topic.

Book an Appointment at UIDAI run Aadhaar Seva Kendra

So ,if you need to change any thing or if you need to Update Aadhar card then you can need an how to do?

After open this page then you can go to the -> Book an Appointment at UIDAI run Aadhaar Seva Kendra section

Then you can sellect your city or Aadhaar Seva Kendra(nearyour location)

After -> selecting your ->city then -> CLICK proceed to book an appointment.

Then you can click what is you need ,new Aadhar, Aadhar update, Manage Appointment.

Then fill your all Information like -> mobile number and enter the -> Captcha Then click on -> Generate OTP.

You can check your Registed mobile message box then you can found this tipe of message.

After found the OTP you can Enter the OTP like this

After verifying your OTP you can found a new page like the below image.then you can fill all the information as per requearing.

You can fill your Aadhar number , -> Name on Aadhar card,-> city, -> state -> Near your Aadhar seva kendra.

After fill all the information then you can Click on ->NEXT.

There are 4 step


So you can fill all required information step by step in Four step.

After fill all the information fainally you can got a Request number or Appointment number. like this

After gating the appointment number you can go to your Aadhar seva kendra and change your information.

NOTE :-This process is not free If you can need to Update your Aadhar card or change anything on your aadhar card then you can pay 50 indian rupee.

So i hope you can get all the Information in a best way.

If your location is not come the porticular location or city of UIDAI run Aadhaar Seva Kendra Office then you can use this method.

Book an Appointment at Register run Aadhaar Seva Kendra


Book an Appointment at Registrar run Aadhaar Seva Kendra


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