How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account

The aadhar is the primary identification proof used by the Government and Private entities. Almost every citizen of India holds the Aadhar as the identification proof. The aadhar is now compulsory at nearly every government services like the bank. Without aadhar bank link, the citizens are not allowed to operate their bank accounts.

If you haven’t linked the aadhar card to your bank account, then this is the time to avoid bank account deactivation. In this post, we are going to share the working method for aadhar link to a bank account. The sbi aadhar link to bank account should get the highest priority as, without the link, the account holders are financially crippled without the access to their money. That’s why you should immediately open the computer and start the procedure of aadhar bank link to a bank account.

How to Link your Aadhar Card with Bank account?

There are multiple methods for sbi aadhar link to a bank account. You can do it online and offline without any issues. Here are some recommended ways for aadhar linking to the bank account.

Method #1 – Online Linking

The aadhar linking to a bank account can be done quickly via online method. Most of the banks providing the internet Banking facility has introduced the online aadhar link to a bank account.  Here are the steps to do the same. Every bank has the different User interface for their Internet Banking feature. So make sure you carefully adapt and follow the methods by improvising.

  1. First of all, open the Internet Banking of your Bank and then log in with the provided Username and Password combination.
  2. Search for the Link named “Aadhar Seeding”, “Link Aadhar Card”, or “Update Aadhar Card Details”. The link name may differ by every bank.Aadhar Link
  3. After clicking the link, enter the necessary information like Aadhar Number, Name, Mobile Number and other.
  4. Double check the information for accuracy and press “Submit”.
  5. Complete on-screen instruction if asked and you’re done. After successful sbi aadhar link, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Method #2 – Offline Adhar Link

If you don’t have the access to the computer or the Internet banking facility from your bank, then there is a offline mode to do so. Here are the exact steps for offline aadhar linking to your bank account.

  1. Visit your local bank branch with the attested photocopy of the aadhar card.
  2. Get the aadhar linking form from the counter and fill it up with the appropriate details.aadhar bank link
  3. Attach the self-attested photocopy of aadhar card and submit to the bank.
  4. The process will take a few days and you’ll receive the confirmation message from Bank after successful aadhar link.aadhar link to bank account

How to Check Aadhar Linking Status with Bank?

So, you have followed all of the mentioned steps to link aadhar with bank. Now, you are waiting for the aadhar linking to complete. If you want to check the status of your aadhar linking, then you can do so from the official website. You can see all of the connected bank accounts to the aadhar. Here are the steps to check aadhar bank linking status.

  1. First of all, open the Bank Mapper site of the UIDAI from here “
  2. On the site, enter your aadhar number, type the Captcha and click on “Send OTP” button.
  3. Enter the received OTP in the field and click on the “Login” button to see the aadhar bank linking status.
  4. You’ll see the success message if the aadhar is linked to your bank account.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! The process of aadhar bank link is straightforward. The online process takes a few minutes to complete, and the offline process takes a few days to complete. Both are the convenient ways for the people. I hope you’ll follow the methods we’ve shared in this post for aadhar link to a bank account. If you are facing any problems or doubts regarding the steps mentioned in this post, make sure to comment below.

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