How to Update Aadhar Card – Full Guide

Without the Aadhar Card, the citizen is nonexistent in the eyes of the government. Recently, the Supreme Court rules that the aadhar is not compulsory for private institutions, but the government institutions still need you aadhar details. The aadhar is most crucial government issue ID proof. If your aadhar card comes with some mistakes and you want to update the details, then you should read this post about aadhar card update.

In this post, we are going to share the exact steps that will help you to update aadhar card details online and get rid of any mistakes that you made while enrolling for the aadhar card. With these online steps, you can update aadhar mobile number, aadhar card address change, name change and many other available changes within a few minutes.

Why Do Yo u need to Update Aadhar Card?

The humans are prone to mistakes. Many people make mistakes while performing essential tasks like enrolling for the aadhar card. Not just the errors, but the actual changes in the communication address, mobile number or any other detail need the aadhar card update. You don’t want the old address or old mobile number to reflect on the aadhar card. That’s why you should keep the aadhar card updated with regular UIDAI update.

Aadhar Card Address Change

The address listed on the aadhar card is used by default on every government ID proof made with the aadhar card. For example, the address on aadhar card will reflect on the driving license of yours. If you have recently shifted to the new home, then changing the address on aadhar card online is a must.

  1. First, collect all of the original Address Proof details like the Original Light Bill or the Ration card and others.  Make a color scan of all of the documents and keep it on the desktop.
  2. Now, open the site and enter your aadhar number or VID number to receive the OTP. enter the received OTP and you’ll log in in the update portal.aadhar update status
  3. In the update portal, select the appropriate option. For example, we are choosing the address change option. After choosing the right option, click on “Submit”.update aadhar
  4. Now, you have to type the appropriate address details in the text fields. Make sure you add everything without committing any mistakes. aadhar card correction online
  5. After completion, click on on “Submit Update Request” button.
  6. On the next page, upload all of the scanned documents that we asked you to keep handy.
  7. After uploading, select the BPO service provider for processing your documents. You can choose any of the available service providers.
  8. Now, you’ll see the Aadhar address update ID. You can use this ID number to check uidai aadhar update status.

So, this is how you can perform aadhar card correction online. The aadhar card correction can be done with these simple steps. You can update any other details the same way you changed the address. Just select the appropriate option after logging in to the portal with OTP.

Aadhar Card Correction Online

The aadhar card online correction is the simple process and won’t take more than five minutes if you have all of the documents and their scanned copies on the computer. The updation process is simple from your end but the document verification will a few days to complete. Till you can check the aadhar card update status from the same portal.

Once the address and other details are verified from the UIDAI end, you’ll receive the SMS message of completion, and within a few more days, you’ll receive the updated aadhar card hard copy on the registered communication address.

Wrapping Up

The aadhar card update is available in offline centers and online website. Instead of waiting in the long queue at the aadhar offline centers, you should comfortably update aadhar while sitting in the chair. There is nothing complicated in UIDAI update as you only have to add the new address in aadhar portal and provide supporting documents. The process will complete within a few days, and you’ll receive a brand new aadhar card with updated details. Instead of wasting time by lining up and taking a bunch of documents to the offline enrolment centers, it is wise to use online uidai aadhar update service and get the job done.

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