How to Download E Aadhar Card [Detailed Guide]

The Aadhar card is one of the most critical Government Identification proof that every Indian should keep in his pockets. Without the aadhar card, the existence of the person ceases in the eyes of the Indian government. The Aadhar card from the UIDAI is the recent introduction but has become mandatory for almost all of the Indian people. If you don’t have the Aadhar card delivered to your home, you can always get e aadhar. The e aadhar is the electronic aadhar card, which you can download from the eaadhar gov in.

As there are delays in the delivery of the aadhar cards, you should download aadhar card and then print it by yourself to use. The government officials accept the e aadhar as the valid identification proof. If you are interested in the aadhar card download, then you should know how to do the same. In this post, we are going to share the methods by which you can learn how to download eaadhar card on your computer.

What is the Eaadhar?

The Eaadhar is the electronic version of the Aadhar card. The Electronic Aadhar is the facility provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India for the people who are waiting for the delivery of their printed aadhar card. The Eaadhar card enables the users to get access to all of the applicable government schemes and the other services. The e aadhar card can be used in a digital way, or the users can take a color printout of the same to use it.

How to Download E aadhar Card

The e aadhar card download only available on the official website that is the The UIDAI provides the electronic aadhar card to those who have enrolled for the same and have allotted aadhar number. To download the e aadhar card, the users need any of the two things. The first one is the Aadhar Number and the second is the Enrollment ID. If you have any one of these numbers, then you can quickly download the same without any issue. Here are the exact steps to download e aadhar card from website. 

  1. First, open the website in your web browser.
  2. On this site, click on the “Download Aadhar” Link in the “Aadhar Online Services” section.e aadhar services
  3. Now, you’ll be redirected to the next page. On this page, you have to enter all of the required information.
  4. For example, you have to select if you have Enrolment ID, VID or the Aadhar Number with you, aadhar card download with aadhaar number is one of the best way to get soft copy of your aadhar card, you can use this copy any where you want for example: you can use it to buy simcard, you just need to show the proof from your mobile, you can open a new bank account using this soft copy, and many more things.
  5. Then, enter your Full Name, Aadhar Number/ Enrolment Number/VID, then PIN code of the registered address and verify Captcha.e aadhar card download
  6. After entering all of the details, click on “Request OTP” button. Now, you’ll receive the One Time Password on your registered mobile number. eaadhar card otp request
  7. Enter the One Time Password and you’ll see the options to download E aadhar card.
  8. Click on the Download link to download the card on your computer.
  9. The E aadhar is the Password Protected PDF file. You’ll need the password to unlock it.
  10. By default, the Aadhar Password is the First four characters of your name and the year of birth in YYYY format. Combine those and you’ll have the Eaadhar to download aadhar card
  11. Enter the password in the PDF reader and you’ll see the Aadhar card. Print the same on the A4 sized paper and you are ready to use the same for availing the government schemes.

This is how you can download the aadhar card on your computer or mobile phone. The EAadhar comes handy when your original aadhar card is lost or you haven’t received it yet. You can simply print this copy of your aadhar card and use it as a proof for creating bank accounts, buying new simcards, passports, etc

Wrapping Up

As of now, the Indians are queuing on the official centers to enroll for the aadhar card. The aadhar enrollment process is pretty quick and straightforward. All you have to do is to wait for the aadhar generation and then you can download aadhar card. The Eaadhar is valid across all of the government and private platforms. You can use the downloaded e aadhar card for purchasing the SIM cards, Opening Bank accounts and also to avail Government Benefits. If guys face any problem while downloading and pdf copy of your aadhar card then please let us know in comment below and we will surely respond you with help, also you can connect with us using Contact us page. 

How to Link Aadhaar with Mobile Number Online

If you possess the aadhaar card in the name of yours, then you must know that now it is compulsory to link your aadhaar card with your mobile number. The earlier date of linking your eaadhaar card with a mobile number was 31 March 2018, but with the latest judgment passed by the supreme court now, you can link your aadhaar with a mobile number any time. However, there are lots of people who don’t know how to link aadhaar with mobile number online, and that’s why in this article I have mentioned some simple methods through which you can learn how to link aadhar with mobile number online.

How to Link Aadhar With Mobile Number Online?

Whenever any notification or judgment passed by Supreme court relating aadhaar card, it’s essential to look at it and understand what it means because many people don’t know this that aadhaar is the single document which you can use anywhere to prove your identity. But if your aadhaar card is not linked with your mobile number, then you might face some problems while doing some banking transactions or any other essential things. So to avoid this problem try to understand how to link aadhaar with mobile number online.How to Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number Online

Method #1: Online Verification Mobile Number

If you’re a type of person who always likes to do some things more smartly, then you know that how you can easily link mobile number to aadhar card online by using OTP based method.  In this method, you can use the telecom operator’s online portal to get your aadhar card link with mobile number and to do that you will have to follow these following simple steps-

  1. First of all visit the telecom subscriber online portal.
  2. Now enter the desired mobile number which you want to link with your aadhaar.Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number Online
  3. An OTP will be sent to that mobile number .How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number Online
  4. Now enter the OTP received and click on “Submit” .
  5. A consent message will be displayed on screen and enter your 12 digit aadhaar number .
  6. Now telecom company will send a request to UIDAI for OTP generation.
  7. After that you will receive a consent messages from UIDAI regarding the e-KYC details.
  8. Accept all the terms and conditions and put the OTP sent on your mobile number.
  9. Now after doing this you will receive a confirmation message regarding your aadhaar and mobile number verification.

So this is how you can easily get your aadhar card link with mobile number online without putting that much effort. When you’re trying to find solutions for queries like how to link aadhaar with mobile number you should always opt for this online method to solve that query.

Method #2: Linking Your Aadhaar Number With Mobile Number By Visiting Nearest Telecom Service Store

  1. First of all visit your telecom operator’s nearby store
  2. Don’t forget to carry a self attested copy of your aadhaar card
  3. Now provide your mobile number along with other prescribed documents to the store executive
  4. The store executive will now send an OTP to the mobile number which needs to be linked
  5. Provide the OTP received to the store executive
  6. Now after that you will receive a confirmation message from your telecom service provider
  7. Reply “Y” to that message to confirm your e-KYC.

So by following these simples steps, you can easily get your aadhaar card link with a mobile number. However, remember this that to avail this you don’t need to pay anything to the store executive or any other person. Many people who don’t know how to link aadhaar with mobile number online can easily link their aadhar by going to the nearest telecom service store and you won’t have to even pay for it.

Method #3: Linking Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number Using Toll Free Number

A person can easily link their aadhaar card with the mobile number by simply dialing a toll-free number from their mobile device. In order to know how to link aadhaar with mobile number online by using a toll-free number just follow these steps carefully.

  1. First of all dial toll free number 14546 from your mobile device
  2. Now choose whether you’re indian or NRI by pressing right number
  3. Give your consent to re-verify your aadhaar by pressing 1
  4. Now enter your 12 digit aadhaar number and confirm it by pressing 1.
  5. You will receive the OTP on your mobile number
  6. Give permission to your operator for accessing your Name, DOB, Photo etc. from UIDAI
  7. IVR will spell out the last four digit of your aadhaar number number.
  8. If it’s correct then enter the OTP received on your mobile number and press 1 to confirm it.

This method can be used by those people who want to know how to link aadhaar with mobile number online. Because by dialing a simple toll-free number and following the instructions you can quickly get your work done within a few minutes.

Requirements of Documents For Linking Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number

You will require only one document, and that will be a self-attested copy of your aadhaar card and other than that you won’t need any documentation. However, if you want to update your aadhaar card then, in that case, you might be required to provide some prescribed documents.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can quickly get the solution for your query like how to link aadhaar with mobile number online and this method is one of the easiest and does not require any paperwork. You can opt for any of these methods to get your aadhar card link with mobile number of yours and keep in mind that those who are using jio will not need to link their mobile number because it’s already been connected at the time of purchase.

How to Link Aadhar Card to Bank Account

The aadhar is the primary identification proof used by the Government and Private entities. Almost every citizen of India holds the Aadhar as the identification proof. The aadhar is now compulsory at nearly every government services like the bank. Without aadhar bank link, the citizens are not allowed to operate their bank accounts.

If you haven’t linked the aadhar card to your bank account, then this is the time to avoid bank account deactivation. In this post, we are going to share the working method for aadhar link to a bank account. The sbi aadhar link to bank account should get the highest priority as, without the link, the account holders are financially crippled without the access to their money. That’s why you should immediately open the computer and start the procedure of aadhar bank link to a bank account.

How to Link your Aadhar Card with Bank account?

There are multiple methods for sbi aadhar link to a bank account. You can do it online and offline without any issues. Here are some recommended ways for aadhar linking to the bank account.

Method #1 – Online Linking

The aadhar linking to a bank account can be done quickly via online method. Most of the banks providing the internet Banking facility has introduced the online aadhar link to a bank account.  Here are the steps to do the same. Every bank has the different User interface for their Internet Banking feature. So make sure you carefully adapt and follow the methods by improvising.

  1. First of all, open the Internet Banking of your Bank and then log in with the provided Username and Password combination.
  2. Search for the Link named “Aadhar Seeding”, “Link Aadhar Card”, or “Update Aadhar Card Details”. The link name may differ by every bank.Aadhar Link
  3. After clicking the link, enter the necessary information like Aadhar Number, Name, Mobile Number and other.
  4. Double check the information for accuracy and press “Submit”.
  5. Complete on-screen instruction if asked and you’re done. After successful sbi aadhar link, you’ll receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

Method #2 – Offline Adhar Link

If you don’t have the access to the computer or the Internet banking facility from your bank, then there is a offline mode to do so. Here are the exact steps for offline aadhar linking to your bank account.

  1. Visit your local bank branch with the attested photocopy of the aadhar card.
  2. Get the aadhar linking form from the counter and fill it up with the appropriate details.aadhar bank link
  3. Attach the self-attested photocopy of aadhar card and submit to the bank.
  4. The process will take a few days and you’ll receive the confirmation message from Bank after successful aadhar link.aadhar link to bank account

How to Check Aadhar Linking Status with Bank?

So, you have followed all of the mentioned steps to link aadhar with bank. Now, you are waiting for the aadhar linking to complete. If you want to check the status of your aadhar linking, then you can do so from the official website. You can see all of the connected bank accounts to the aadhar. Here are the steps to check aadhar bank linking status.

  1. First of all, open the Bank Mapper site of the UIDAI from here “
  2. On the site, enter your aadhar number, type the Captcha and click on “Send OTP” button.
  3. Enter the received OTP in the field and click on the “Login” button to see the aadhar bank linking status.
  4. You’ll see the success message if the aadhar is linked to your bank account.

Wrapping Up

That’s it! The process of aadhar bank link is straightforward. The online process takes a few minutes to complete, and the offline process takes a few days to complete. Both are the convenient ways for the people. I hope you’ll follow the methods we’ve shared in this post for aadhar link to a bank account. If you are facing any problems or doubts regarding the steps mentioned in this post, make sure to comment below.

How to Update Aadhar Card – Full Guide

Without the Aadhar Card, the citizen is nonexistent in the eyes of the government. Recently, the Supreme Court rules that the aadhar is not compulsory for private institutions, but the government institutions still need you aadhar details. The aadhar is most crucial government issue ID proof. If your aadhar card comes with some mistakes and you want to update the details, then you should read this post about aadhar card update.

In this post, we are going to share the exact steps that will help you to update aadhar card details online and get rid of any mistakes that you made while enrolling for the aadhar card. With these online steps, you can update aadhar mobile number, aadhar card address change, name change and many other available changes within a few minutes.

Why Do Yo u need to Update Aadhar Card?

The humans are prone to mistakes. Many people make mistakes while performing essential tasks like enrolling for the aadhar card. Not just the errors, but the actual changes in the communication address, mobile number or any other detail need the aadhar card update. You don’t want the old address or old mobile number to reflect on the aadhar card. That’s why you should keep the aadhar card updated with regular UIDAI update.

Aadhar Card Address Change

The address listed on the aadhar card is used by default on every government ID proof made with the aadhar card. For example, the address on aadhar card will reflect on the driving license of yours. If you have recently shifted to the new home, then changing the address on aadhar card online is a must.

  1. First, collect all of the original Address Proof details like the Original Light Bill or the Ration card and others.  Make a color scan of all of the documents and keep it on the desktop.
  2. Now, open the site and enter your aadhar number or VID number to receive the OTP. enter the received OTP and you’ll log in in the update portal.aadhar update status
  3. In the update portal, select the appropriate option. For example, we are choosing the address change option. After choosing the right option, click on “Submit”.update aadhar
  4. Now, you have to type the appropriate address details in the text fields. Make sure you add everything without committing any mistakes. aadhar card correction online
  5. After completion, click on on “Submit Update Request” button.
  6. On the next page, upload all of the scanned documents that we asked you to keep handy.
  7. After uploading, select the BPO service provider for processing your documents. You can choose any of the available service providers.
  8. Now, you’ll see the Aadhar address update ID. You can use this ID number to check uidai aadhar update status.

So, this is how you can perform aadhar card correction online. The aadhar card correction can be done with these simple steps. You can update any other details the same way you changed the address. Just select the appropriate option after logging in to the portal with OTP.

Aadhar Card Correction Online

The aadhar card online correction is the simple process and won’t take more than five minutes if you have all of the documents and their scanned copies on the computer. The updation process is simple from your end but the document verification will a few days to complete. Till you can check the aadhar card update status from the same portal.

Once the address and other details are verified from the UIDAI end, you’ll receive the SMS message of completion, and within a few more days, you’ll receive the updated aadhar card hard copy on the registered communication address.

Wrapping Up

The aadhar card update is available in offline centers and online website. Instead of waiting in the long queue at the aadhar offline centers, you should comfortably update aadhar while sitting in the chair. There is nothing complicated in UIDAI update as you only have to add the new address in aadhar portal and provide supporting documents. The process will complete within a few days, and you’ll receive a brand new aadhar card with updated details. Instead of wasting time by lining up and taking a bunch of documents to the offline enrolment centers, it is wise to use online uidai aadhar update service and get the job done.

Lost Aadhar Card ? Here Is How You Can Get A New One

If you are an Indian citizen without the Aadhar card, then you’ll face a lot of problems proving your identity with the other government identification proofs. In India, the aadhar card has the paramount importance in the government system as the identification proof. With the online system to immediately verify the identity, the Aadhar has been the most critical verification document. If your lost aadhar card is coming in your way of claiming the government schemes and benefits, then you should apply for the duplicate copy of aadhar.

Finding the aadhar card online is not rocket science. All you have to do is to provide the aadhar number or enrollment number and the mobile number. You’ll find the aadhar card details online after giving the details. But, what if your aadhar card lost while traveling and you want to a duplicate hard copy of the same? Don’t worry, in this post; we will tell you how to get lost aadhar card and use it as the identification proof.

How to Get your Lost Aadhar Card?

There are multiple ways to get your hands on the duplicate copy of aadhar card. The government has announced about these ways already, but the people have no idea about the same. That’s why we are sharing the official ways to find aadhar card and get a duplicate copy of the same in your hand.

How to Find UID EID

You should know the EID or UID to generate the electronic aadhar. If you don’t remember the aadhar card number or don’t have the Enrollment slip, then you should follow these steps and remember the UID or EID.

  1. First, you have to know the UID or EID. If you don’t know the same, then you should find UID EID to get the E aadhar.
  2. Go to “ start the procedure of finding UID or EID.
  3. Select what you want to recover and start entering appropriate details like the Full Name, Email ID and mobile number and then click on Send OTP.lost aadhar card
  4. You’ll receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. Type the OTP and you’ll see the Aadhar UID or the Enrollment EID number on the screen. Note the numbers for further use.

Method #1 – Print Eaadhar  card

The Eaadhar is the facility of the Electronic aadhar card. The Eaadhar facility allows the citizens to get access to the digital copy of their aadhar card, which is valid in a legal sense. The eaadhar works as the aadhar card and people can print it and get the hard copy. If you have lost aadhar card while traveling, then here are the steps to Find lost aadhar card.

  1. First, visit the “ and click on the “Download Aadhar” option.aadhar card lost
  2. Now, enter the appropriate details like the Aadhar Number or EID, Full Name, Date of Birth, Registered Mobile number and others.
  3. After entering the details, click on “Request OTP” button and type the received OTP in the text field. Eaadhar Details for Aadhar download
  4. Now, you’ll see the button named “Download aadhar”. Click on it to download the PDF file of the aadhar card.Validate and Download E-aadhar to get your lost aadhar card

This is how you can download the electronic aadhar card for aadhar card print out, you download the PDF copy and print using your printer and apply for a new original copy from Aadhar Center. If you don’t have the access to computer for downloading the electronic aadhar, then you should follow the Method #2.

Method #2 – Aadhar Enrolment Center

The Aadhar Enrollment centers are the kiosks for enrolling for new aadhar card. On these centers, you can request for the duplicate hard copy of the aadhar card. All you have to do is to locate the nearest aadhar enrollment center, fill up the provided form to retrieve a duplicate copy of a lost aadhar card and submit the same form with appropriate identification proofs.

The Center will process your form, and you’ll receive the duplicate hard copy of the aadhar card on your registered communication address. The process is very long as it takes several days to process and dispatch the physical copy of aadhar to your address.


Many people complain about the aadhar card lost while traveling or being stolen. Losing the critical identity document is very troublesome, and you should take immediate actions to recover the same. In this post, we share two working methods to get lost aadhar card back to claim the government benefits and participate in government schemes as the Indian citizen. I hope you’ll follow the ways we have shared in this article and download the Electronic aadhar or manually request for the physical copy from the enrollment centers.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online

The Aadhar is one of the most critical government identification proof provided by the government of India. The Aadhar card is the biometric proof of the citizens of India. The Aadhar system is made up of the biometric, eyes and the private information. As it is mandatory for almost all of the government services, the people are rushing to the Aadhar enrollment center. If you have enrolled for the identification proof, it is essential to know the aadhar card status.

As you have to get the information about your aadhar enrollment process status, you should frequently check aadhar status to make sure it’s processed and dispatched to your registered address. If you are interested in checking the aadhar status online after enrolling for the same, you should check out the steps mentioned in this post. Here, we are going to share some beautiful methods that’ll help you to check the e aadhar status and get a printout of the same for your needs.

What is Aadhar Card?

The E Aadhar Card is the unique identification proof provided by the UIDAI, which is the government entity. The UIDAI gathers the necessary data from every person, for say the biometric data, eyes scans, residential proofs, and many others and assign that person a unique identification number. The same number will appear on the Aadhar card, and the number is known as the Aadhar number. As per the court rulings and the government notifications, the Aadhar number is required at almost every government portal for availing the subsidy and the benefits provided by the government.

How to Check Aadhar Card Status Online?

There are multiple methods to check the status of your e aadhar online. You can check the status via an online portal or via the simple IVRS or SMS system. Here are the methods and exact steps to do so.

Method #1 – Check Aadhar Card Status Online

You can check the status of your aadhar card on the official site of UIDAI. Here are the exact steps to do so.

  1. First of all, visit the “” in your browser.check aadhar status
  2. On this site, enter the Enrolment ID you got after registering for the aadhar card.
  3. Along with the Enrolment ID, you have to enter the Date of Birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format.Aadhar Card Status
  4. After entering the necessary details, enter the captcha code and click on “Check Status” button.aadhaar status
  5. You’ll see the status of your aadhar card on the screen. e aadhaar status
  6. If you don’t see any status on the screen, then you should wait for a few days and then check.

Method #2 – Check Aadhar Status via Mobile

The e aadhar card status can be checked by sending the SMS . You can send the SMS to the UIDAI from the registered mobile number and get the aadhar card status via SMS. Here are the steps to do so.

  1. Open the Message composer in your smartphone and type the message in this following format <UID Status <Enrolment Number>“.How to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name
  2. Replace the <Enrolment Number> with the number you have received after enrolling. You’ll find it on the enrolment receipt.
  3. Send the message to “51969” and wait for the reply.
  4. If the aadhar number is generated, then you’ll receive the same via SMS. If it’s not generated, then you’ll receive the current status report.
  5. You can also check Aadhar Status by name also.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how you check aadhar card status online. The aadhar card is one of the most critical government identification proofs you need to carry along. The aadhar generation takes a long time as there are millions of people in the queue. But the system will generate it within a few days, and you can check the e aadhar status online. I hope you learned how to check aadhar status online. Just check the status and download the e aadhar if the number is generated for you, or all you have to do is to wait for a few more days.